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Anyone who is part of a club and may or may not have a login to the member area of that club

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Limitation of liability

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Young People and RunAClub

Young Members under the age of 13 should not use RunAClub without the consent of their parents/guardians and must not attempt to register with RunAClub and/or submit any personal information to us without such consent.

We recommend that young Members between the ages of 13 and 17 (inclusive) should ask their parents or legal guardians for permission before registering with RunAClub.

Many clubs may wish to use RunAClub services to manage a young Membership. Club Leaders/Staff should ensure that Young Member contact details are in line with child protection guidelines laid down by their governing body or supporting organisation – where one exists (in most cases that means that only parent/guardian contact details should be used for conveying information to the young Member).

Appendices – For clubs/groups and umbrella organisations only

Purchase of the RunAClub licence for a subscription period, whether as an organisation or an individual club, is a contract for that period of time selected, and no refunds will be issued for non use of the system during any of that period.

All site users have responsibility for any content or materials saved or posted on the website.