Sunday, March 18, 2018

Staff and Member Tagging – Top Tips

In the coming week, we will be adding some new functionality to the platform. Release 4.4 will bring you Staff and Member Tagging – this brings unlimited possibilities for tracking and reporting on your Staff, Volunteers and Members.

As a Club, you will be able to set tags and attach them to Staff, Volunteers or Members. As an Organisation, you will be able to set tags and attach them to Staff or Volunteers. For example, you can tag your Volunteers who have a ‘Health and Safety Certificate’ or you may need to flag your Members who have a ‘High-Level Medical Need’ – the possibilities are endless and unique to your club. These Tags will be filterable and reportable in the coming weeks too, as part of Release 4.4.1.

We will update the Overview to show how this works and your notification panel on the dashboard will let you know as it goes live. Should you need any additional help you can always reach us via email or on your Help Tab.

Enjoy the weekend and the possible snow!
Alex and the Customer Support Team

Top Tip: When recruiting, talk to other clubs about what works for them, share job descriptions & person specifications/profiles.