Monday, June 13, 2016

Social/Business Organisations

I thought I would chat a bit about social/business organisations in case it’s of interest to you! There is a move from government to begin to really recognise social led organisations who operate to achieve social impact, within a business structure. Read more…I have been involved in some of the research to understand the benefits and how government could support these initiatives – I hope this will ultimately benefit many of you reading this who may run small social businesses alongside voluntary organisations for example. It’s a real alternative to purely charities and voluntary led organisations and will enable social investment into the sector. I’ll let you know if I hear more on this.

As we allow the referendum result to sink in, I hope the voluntary and social sector continues to work together as we have always done. I have been involved in community action all of my life and that certainly isn’t going to change – nor will it for all of you I’m sure. Community work is firmly and forever entrenched into our lives and extremely powerful – something to be proud of.