New Releases – Top Tips

I hope everyone has enjoyed a chocolate-fuelled week!

The Easter bunnies have been busy at RunAClub over the past month with some updates to the Staff/Volunteer and Club Details – we are releasing some additional fields to help you manage your club information in the most comprehensive way possible.

Let us know if you have any questions and we are always here should you need any help, contact us can always reach us via email or on your Help Tab.

Enjoy the weekend!
Alex and the Customer Support Team

Top Tip: If you know someone who is a good fit for your club – don’t be afraid to ask them to come on board. Make it easy to help. Once a month may be better than weekly, the key is to keep them helping for as long as possible.

Staff and Member Tagging – Top Tips

In the coming week, we will be adding some new functionality to the platform. Release 4.4 will bring you Staff and Member Tagging – this brings unlimited possibilities for tracking and reporting on your Staff, Volunteers and Members.

As a Club or Organisation, you will be able to set tags and attach them to Staff, Volunteers or Members. As an Organisation, you will be able to set tags and attach them to Staff or Volunteers. For example, you can tag your Volunteers who have a ‘Health and Safety Certificate’ or you may need to flag your Members who have a ‘High-Level Medical Need’ – the possibilities are endless and unique to your club. These Tags will be filterable and reportable in the coming weeks too, as part of Release 4.4.1.

We will update the Overview to show how this works and your notification panel on the dashboard will let you know as it goes live. Should you need any additional help you can always reach us via email or on your Help Tab.

Enjoy the weekend and the possible snow!
Alex and the Customer Support Team

Top Tip: When recruiting, talk to other clubs about what works for them, share job descriptions & person specifications/profiles.

GDPR – Top Tips

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the Data Protection Act 1998 in May this year.
– to recognise significant changes in the methods and quantities of personal data held; huge changes in technology, cloud technology, social media etc.
– to elevate the importance of protecting personal data.
– to bring all of the EU to a single data protection standard.

We want you to know that RunAClub keeps your club or project information secure and your data safe and we are continually keeping up to date changes to regulation. We plan to continually improve and apply ourselves to the expected updates and changes that GDPR will bring.

In other news – the Communications counter is now live so you can see ‘at a glance’ how many Members you have sent your messages to.

You can always reach us via email or on your Help Tab.

Happy Friday!
Alex and the Customer Support Team

Top Tip: It’s good practice to keep the number of people involved in collecting, recording & processing of data to a minimum

What you said about volunteering

I’ve had a great response to my last blog about directing volunteers and I thought I would share some of the very helpful comments that have been made as these might be useful for many of you, as they are to me.

The question I asked was how much should we direct volunteers, and who should direct and how?

‘I think there is every reason to create ‘volunteer contracts’ and job descriptions – for all volunteers young or old. Using these mean everyone’s expectations are clear from the outset. They also became an important reference point if things start to stray.’
‘To be fair to volunteers I think we need to be clear what they can and can’t do and match people to their skills and experience. ‘
‘When people first volunteer in any group, they need some direct in the early stages. The amount depends on the individual (e.g. relevant experience) and age can be a factor as often young people are less confident’.
‘A good induction is crucial.’
‘I don’t think it takes long for new volunteers to gain confidence, mostly from observing existing volunteers (experienced volunteers soon pick up on how much direction is needed).’
‘My view is that the amount of direction has to be on an individual basis’.
‘Volunteers can develop and move on in new careers – or their current ones – given the right training and support.’
‘Opportunity for feedback can develop their skills and confidence – volunteers are so valuable’.

Structure is clearly important for volunteers and organisations to thrive – as is the need to value what volunteering brings to the volunteer as well as the organisation. I hope these comments will help some of you, particularly in smaller organisations where structure can sometimes be hard to pin down when a few time-pressed people are taking on a lot of tasks.

Member Groups – Top Tips

Be prepared… Take the time to create your Member Groups, once they are established you can then attach a Member Group to a Session. This ensures the Members you are expecting are preloaded and you can quickly register those Members attending.

The Club Overview has recently been updated, it is a step by step guide to RunAClub and should you need any extra help you can always reach us via email or on your Help Tab.

Happy Weekend!
Alex and the Customer Support Team

Top Tip: The adult to child ratio is important not only to protect young people but also to protect your club’s adult helpers and volunteers.

Record your Sessions – Top Tips

This week is all about your sessions – you can now set up all your sessions on the RunAClub platform  in advance. Click on the Calendar icon next to one of your sessions and chose to repeat this session once, weekly, monthly or more! This copies all the information from that original session saving you time. You can always make changes to an individual session as needed.

Your notification panel on the dashboard is where these updates go but I will always email out any new functionality as it goes live.

Thank you for your emails last week – some great suggestions, some demos arranged and some uploading complete!

As before – the Club Overview is a step by step guide to RunAClub and you can always reach us via email or on your Help Tab.

Enjoy the weekend!
Alex and the Customer Support Team

Top Tip: Rotas are critical for your club – having the right number and experience of helpers at your session or event is important. Taking responsibility is key – volunteers and staff should be responsible for their rota shifts and should find their own replacement if needed.

January Top Tips

January brings busy times for all, if you are behind on your member and sessions uploading or if you need any additional support from RunAClub just let me know so we can arrange to help – from data entry to a Skype training call we are here to make the running of your club easier! Email me or use your Help Tab anytime.

The Club Overview is a step by step guide to RunAClub and with more updates and functionality coming soon we will be adding short videos to help you work your way through – ensuring you get the most out of RunAClub.

So January is the organisation month! Make sure your club, Member Groups and Sessions are up to date, so you can focus on enjoying your club activities!

Happy 2018
Alex and the Customer Support Team

Top Tip: Always have a backup plan… If only one person has the keys to your club venue and they don’t turn up you will have a lot of disappointed club members.

Kick Loneliness into Touch

This is it.. today we launch our crowdfunding campaign

Kick Loneliness into Touch!

For every £100 raised, we can support a new, struggling club for a whole year for free. Visit our page for the full story, see our range of great rewards and contribute now.

It would be wonderful if you could share our campaign with your contacts.

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The Facts

A study by the British Red Cross found that 9 million people in Britain feel often or regularly lonely – that’s a fifth of the population – according to research by the Co-operative Group.

A poll for The Herald by BMG Research found just 27 per cent of over-65s admitted to feeling lonely from time to time, or more often, compared with 59 per cent of people in the 16-34 age group.

Analysis by Age UK found that 3.9 million people over 65 say their main form of company is the TV.

People who are lonely are 50% more likely to develop dementia a recent study by Loughborough University found.

A recent NHS survey has again highlighted the high levels of mental distress among adolescent girls. The research shows that 24 per cent of girls aged 14 now feel so lonely, distressed and unloved that their symptoms qualify them for a diagnosis of depression. This is double the rate reported in 2007.

A 2015 study carried out in Utah memorably compared the health risks from loneliness to the harm suffered by someone who smokes 15 cigarettes a day. Other studies have claimed it is more deadly than obesity.

Sally’s blog September

It doesn’t matter what project we are on – whether we are in a large public sector team, a school, a voluntary group, a start up or a Board member, as Leaders we can never take our foot off the pedal. That doesn’t mean we musn’t rest or relax or inject calm and thoughtfulness, because that is equally crucial and for another discussion – but we cannot let up and not continue to drive our team, our project or task in hand.

RunAClub – the one stop shop for your club

I have become a little paranoid these days as to whether I can trust websites that I’m purchasing from.  I look at these apparently legitimate sites and wonder if they are real as I hear of people conned into buying fake holidays or passports, insurance or products and services.

That’s why we have decided to help clubs and groups further and offer added services to partners whose services we have either used ourselves (eg. DBS checks) or know of others who use them (e.g. Club insurance).