Friday, October 11, 2013

It’s important that it’s easy

I would like to pass a resounding congratulations to the team who have worked so hard to build our system. We have had some extremely good comments come in from our latest new organisation on board from Herefordshire (HVOSS)  “Our clubs have been able to pick it up so quickly and easily. Congratulations on designing such an easily accessed but sophisticated and comprehensive piece of software. Very much appreciated.” This was preceded by a stream of comments from the clubs themselves coming through the system and commenting back to us and to Herefordshire how easy it was to use.

Music to our ears and a fantastic reflection on all the work that has been put in particularly by Barrie and Alex. There is a relaunch of the site next week with videos and comments from club users – I can’t wait!

We are starting to look at much larger prospects now – we feel extremely confident we are in a position to manage far larger contracts and discussions are beginning to take shape to look for that big opportunity for us. Exciting times.