Cost Effective Solution

Cost Effective Solution

RunAClub offers a bespoke and scalable solution for you and your network of clubs and groups. Our pricing is flexible so you can get, and pay for, exactly what you need.

Make RunAClub your own and choose the plan that works for you.

Standard Gold Platinum Awesome
Club logins
Quality assured library and templates for clubs
Dedicated club webpage
Secure file storage for club documentation
Shared club calendar
Club membership and staff management
Club evaluation & outcomes tools
Standard RunAClub reports
Account Manager support
Quarterly reports
Additional reports *
Group workshops **
Unique Platform ***
Ease of access Single Sign in ****

* Additional report data would need to be agreed. Additional reports can be offered to all packages at an extra cost.

** Group workshops – POA. Hosted by the organisation, provided by RunAClub. Additional workshops can be offered to all packages at an extra cost.

*** Unique Platform branded with organisation’s logo and colour palette with full site administration.

**** Single Sign in – direct log in from the organisation’s website to the Unique Platform.

To find out more about RunAClub and how it can transform and support your network of clubs and groups, contact us.