Helping Organisations Succeed

Helping Organisations Succeed

RunAClub is a simple, cost-effective solution to managing your network of clubs and groups.

We provide the tools you need to increase your range of support, improve sustainability and monitor the impact of your network.

RunAClub is knowledge-based, Quality Assured and provides all the essential tools, guidance and support your clubs and groups need to run successfully.

We work with Youth Bodies, National Governing Bodies of Sport, Local Authorities, Voluntary Networks and Charities who provide RunAClub Quality Assured support from grass roots level.

RunAClub is flexible – we can create and host a bespoke, fully branded version of the platform to suit your organisation.

Take a look at the organisation features and benefits below, read our reviews and contact us for more information.

What will my clubs get?

Features and Benefits


Safeguard & Quality Assure your provision

Best practice guidance & advice for your clubs & groups

Instantly share support documents & information with your network

Online customer support for you, your clubs & groups


Manage your staff, clubs & groups

Communication tools

Membership sustainability & streamlining

Auditing & data capture

Customisable governance

Enhanced efficiency


Performance monitoring

Impact Analysis

Output reporting

Evaluation & outcome reporting

Data to support strategic planning, funding bids & service developments