Friday, November 30, 2018

Case Study – Torchlight

Torchlight is a youth club for young people with learning difficulties in the Braintree District aged between 13-25 years. They provide a safe, supportive and enjoyable environment, encouraging social and personal development through a range of activities. The aim is to provide young people who have special needs and/or a disability with stimulating, motivating and exciting activities. Initially part of the council, Torchlight faced closure due to funding cuts and the volunteers couldn’t let this happen (they have some members that have been attending for more than 10 years) and as a result of the volunteers dedication, the club was kept open and has now been running under new management for 4 years. 

RunAClub has enabled them to keep a record of their 52 members who’ve attended over 200 sessions totalling more than 2000 attendances at a wide range of activities and social groups with more to come. RunAClub has helped Torch Light staff to run these activities smoothly, remotely and competently.

Claire Nightingale-Wade, Torchlight Chair says ‘The software is great, I’d been so used to paper trails for membership and attendances, RunAClub has helped make the transfer of our data easy, safe, password-protected and accurate. RunAClub’s policies and procedures from the updated policy library are insightful, the policies are easy to follow and would make running any group much easier. I can’t now ever imagine going back to paper. It’s GDPR compliant, kept completely safe and everything is done exactly right. We’ve started to use the evaluation tool a lot more, it helps us plan for funding and everything is on the system. 3 words we’d use to describe it would be safe, useful and efficient…I could give you 10!’