Friday, November 16, 2018

Case Study – Space Youth Project

Space Youth Project runs regular youth groups across Dorset, Bournemouth, Poole for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and questioning young people. It is important to them to have a safe space where anyone is welcome regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. They offer different activities including; group youth work, 1-to-1 and family support, school-based workshops for primary children and training for professionals. They started in 2001 with just one group in Bournemouth and have continued to grow from strength to strength and now are built up of seven groups with numbers of different services, their friendly team and of course, their members.

The Space Youth Project have used the software to enable them to run more than 740 sessions, with 625 registered members and 57 staff members.

Sarah Grayer, Project Manager at Space Youth Project stated: ‘Community is vital, it’s the glue that holds us together and certainly within the LGBT youth. We’re family and some of our members may not have the right support network around them so we’re able to be that network instead. The system is great and getting better, it’s fantastic that we’ve been able to work directly with RunAClub to develop and grow the platform. Everything’s in one place and it’s accessible wherever we are, we use it on our phones and iPads and login to computers at various venues. We’re normally out and about so the accessibility is good. For extracting data, we have unique reference numbers for each attendee – meaning we can reference a number and the information on that member is there and completely private. Previously we used a different system that unfortunately didn’t develop, so when RunAClub came along it helped us out of a difficult spot. Being able to pick up the phone and talk to the team is ace, we can get the reporting instantaneously. We also use our outcomes to track our members. It is really, really user friendly, it’s so straightforward and we’ve had no issues using it. 3 words I’d use to describe RunAClub would be; Clarity, accessibility and communications.’