Proud2Be: A Case Study

We talk to Mat and Jon about their work..

The Proud2Be journey started in 2011 with the launch of an online campaign, Proud2Be, by brothers Mat and Jon Price. Inspired by their own experiences as gay men, Mat and Jon aimed to counter negative messages they received  as they were growing up by encouraging other LGBTQ people to ‘love and celebrate themselves, exactly as they are and to be proud of their community’ and providing a platform for a diverse range of role models.

Social/Business Organisations

I thought I would chat a bit about social/business organisations in case it’s of interest to you! There is a move from government to begin to really recognise social led organisations who operate to achieve social impact, within a business structure. Read more…I have been involved in some of the research to understand the benefits and how government could support these initiatives – I hope this will ultimately benefit many of you reading this who may run small social businesses alongside voluntary organisations for example. It’s a real alternative to purely charities and voluntary led organisations and will enable social investment into the sector. I’ll let you know if I hear more on this.

As we allow the referendum result to sink in, I hope the voluntary and social sector continues to work together as we have always done. I have been involved in community action all of my life and that certainly isn’t going to change – nor will it for all of you I’m sure. Community work is firmly and forever entrenched into our lives and extremely powerful – something to be proud of.