RunAClub Win the Award for Innovation 2016

RunAClub are delighted to have won the Award for Innovation at the Women in Business Awards 2016.

The support your club provides…

Last night I heard a young woman talk – in front of a roomful of people – about her experience of escaping war torn Sierra Leone. As a child she lost her young sister and had a son at aged just 13 after really dreadful circumstances. Her dad urged her to get to the UK as she had no life there. She had a relative here in the UK and she managed to get over at around aged 15 I think. But there were more dreadful experiences that she faced when she arrived. She spent a terrible few years homeless and with no support for her and her child. Eventually she met someone good at a youth club she was passing in Liverpool – she went in there because she felt she had nothing left to live for and it was literally a last hope for her.