Why personal experience is important to us

It has always been important to our team that we have personal experience of community volunteering, working with young people via youth groups or sports clubs for example, or education.  I think it’s what sets us apart from other digital organisations – we haven’t just cooked up RunAClub as another tech offering that we ‘thought’ would be a good idea.  We know from our own endeavours that it’s tough for volunteers to find the time to sort out the rota, share their club documentation, manage the club subs or write a club risk assessment.

Risks, Ocean Liners and Hovercraft

I have recently been discussing the subject of Risk.  Risk means different things to different people and organisations, depending on whether you are an early stage venture or well established business/charity for example.  Personally, I see it as risk management and risk taking – or good and bad risk.  Risk management means controlling those things that might go wrong in an organisation, and that might bring you down (or keep you awake at night) and risk taking is investing, developing or changing your regular or new business.  It’s quite a tricky balance in any organisation whatever your size.