What is RunAClub?

RunAClub is a digital club management platform for an individual, or networks of, clubs and groups.  We support your governance, communications and impact and outcome data reporting 24/7. It’s your Club In A Cloud.

Make RunAClub your Club platform with one-month free trial and then a monthly payment of just £19.99 thereafter if you choose to continue.

If you are a charity, council, sports body or VCS and have a network of clubs, teams, groups or projects, contact us for a quote. 

RunAClub is an organisation with a social purpose. Our Vision is that everyone is connected, informed, safe and inspired in their recreation, learning and development.

We believe everyone should benefit from regular access to a range of sustainable, effective and well-run clubs, groups, projects and events contributing to their physical and mental health and well-being.


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Helping You Succeed

RunAClub takes the hassle out of running a club; with 7 day a week online support, safeguarding tools and a Quality Assured library of policies, templates and information.


Maximise Your Impact

Keep your club, group or team sustainable; record and register members, plan and evaluate sessions, store your important documents and share the load with unlimited staff and volunteer.


Awesome Outcomes

Measure your impact; track attendance, gather case study materials, evidence outcomes and outputs. Monitor data trends to support management, strategic planning, funding bids and service developments.

A Shared Goal

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