Risks, Ocean Liners and Hovercraft

I have recently been discussing the subject of Risk.  Risk means different things to different people and organisations, depending on whether you are an early stage venture or well established business/charity for example.  Personally, I see it as risk management and risk taking – or good and bad risk.  Risk management means controlling those things that might go wrong in an organisation, and that might bring you down (or keep you awake at night) and risk taking is investing, developing or changing your regular or new business.  It’s quite a tricky balance in any organisation whatever your size.

More clubs, more funding, and active investors

I love to impart more good news – I like soapbox blogs too, but good news is best!

Well over 1000!!!

I’ve been told off twice now, for not keeping my blog up to date as usual – I can only plead guilty as charged, brush it under the carpet and breeze on, hoping you’ll forgive me.

Nearly 1000

I hope by the next blog we will have exceeded our first 1,000 clubs – we have a number of contracts out for signing with local authorities and sports bodies that would mean we would be well over that 1000 mark.  As I have said before, it’s a long process for them then to convert to the end users getting on the system and using it properly and this is the bit we really love – hearing the positive feedback from end-users, along with their ideas and suggestions.

The UK Dodgeball Association

This week we are welcoming another up and coming sports body on board – The UK Dodgeball Association – do take a look at them http://www.ukdba.org.  Perhaps you might like to try them out?

Sport and Recreational Alliance Directors Evening

I enjoyed delivering a key note speech this week at the Sport and Recreational Alliance Directors Evening on my favourite subject – using technology to create social change.  I always get really nervous before any major speech, pitch or generally big audience events.  My poor husband and Alex at RunAClub are used to this and throw a multitude of very helpful ‘jollying up’ motivational comments at me.  And of course its always absolutely fine – in fact I have to admit I love it! The minute I stand up, I’m off!

We’ve been busy…

I apologise for my silence this last month.  It’s partly due to being very busy with the investment pitches (which went very well indeed and we have multiple parties interested!) and also much needed holidays.

Building platforms for the next generation

I’ve been asked to deliver two keynote speeches in September, slightly different perspectives and very different audiences (sport and education) but I will look forward to an opportunity to highlight my mantra of the importance of using technology to bring about social change in communities; building platforms for the next generation.

Guernsey ahoy!

We are welcoming our first contract off the mainland this week – Guernsey! Small at first but looking to grow.