Simple IT Strategy

I have noticed that there is a phrase that strike fear through the hearts of most not-for-profits and social enterprises – that phrase is ‘IT strategy’. Both ‘IT’ and ‘strategy’ in themselves make most of these sectors nervous – as if everyone is talking in Russian suddenly, eyes start to glaze and there is distinct panic in the voices of senior leaders.

Step up & take responsibility

Recently I chatted to a group of young people – around 15 or so – who were feeling unsettled by changes to their youth club. These changes include new leadership and this, in my experience, is always unsettling for any group and perhaps especially for young people.

The Positive Power of Social Media

I am back helping with the very same youth club that inspired RunAClub – 10 years after I started it from scratch armed with nothing more than enthusiasm and a bit of knowledge of youth clubs. The club needs a bit of support through the transition of leaders and of course, more sustainable funding.

Back with a bang!

Hands up if you felt fuzzy headed when you returned from a holiday recently.  I haven’t taken 2 consecutive weeks off in years, let alone in a rural area without wifi or 3G in NW France.  


When I founded RunAClub I was a little worried that we might be too early to bring technology to the third, public and community sectors (remember it was 3 years ago when we started).  Then for a while I thought we were too late!

Short & Sweet

Nothing deep and meaningful this week – just short and sweet: HUGE news to tell you later next week.  We can’t wait to tell you what we are up to with a big new customer.  For the time being I will just say that we have taken on two new contracts this week – another Local Authority and an evaluation contract that we quoted for, for another LA.

Community Groups – and a little bit of Eurovision!

Last weekend I stood on a stage (as far behind everyone else as I could) and sang ‘Making your mind up’ as ‘Bucks Fuzz’ in a spoof Eurovision contest.  I was way out of my comfort zone – I hadn’t even realised it was a competition, albeit a fun one, until I turned up as I’d missed one or two rehearsals.

Leadership and Volunteers

This week I have had two volunteers, who help out at small community groups, offload their frustrations at the lack of help from others in that community and their worries about their dwindling funding.

Optimism and Big Venture Challenge 2015

I recently looked back at my first blogs – when we managed to get funding to start our build of RunAClub three years ago.  The theme is much the same as it is now in that we were clearly working extremely hard and were very focused.  What also struck me is the optimism despite early funding set backs and so on – we also remain just as optimistic!

Why personal experience is important to us

It has always been important to our team that we have personal experience of community volunteering, working with young people via youth groups or sports clubs for example, or education.  I think it’s what sets us apart from other digital organisations – we haven’t just cooked up RunAClub as another tech offering that we ‘thought’ would be a good idea.  We know from our own endeavours that it’s tough for volunteers to find the time to sort out the rota, share their club documentation, manage the club subs or write a club risk assessment.