About RunAClub

About RunAClub

Great Support. Great Clubs.

RunAClub is an online management platform for individual or networks of clubs and groups. We offer an ‘all-in-one’ knowledge-based platform that is driven by our users, and founded on experience.

Created by a team of professionals with a wealth of community, commercial and business expertise and experience, we are an organisation with a social purpose aiming to inspire thousands of new clubs, projects and groups.

RunAClub for Organisations

RunAClub is a simple, cost-effective solution to managing your network of clubs and groups.

We provide the tools you need to increase your range of support, improve sustainability and monitor the impact of your network.

RunAClub is knowledge-based, Quality Assured and provides all the essential tools, guidance and support your clubs and groups need to run successfully.

We work with Youth Bodies, National Governing Bodies of Sport, Local Authorities, Voluntary Networks and Charities who provide RunAClub Quality Assured support from grass roots level.

RunAClub for Clubs

Whether you want to set up a club, or you already run one but need extra support and advice – We can help.

RunAClub provides the essential tools, guidance and support you need to set up and manage your own club. Any activity, any age, any community.

We cover all the obstacles: safeguarding, Quality Assurance, practical, legal, financial and technical guidance. We help you manage your sessions, members, staff, volunteers, outcomes, outputs and data.

Our unique and affordable toolkit will help you cut through the red tape and make your club a real success.