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Dorset County Council
"There’s a whole host of wonderful and valuable services that Dorset’s community groups and voluntary organisations undertake to help people in their communities and make Dorset a better place to live. It is clear that community groups, run by dedicated and passionate volunteers, are becoming more and more important as the scale and scope of publicly funded services decreases. So, in order to help community groups succeed, Dorset County Council is investing in a leading cloud-based, easy to use, administration system that is designed specifically for people who run small community clubs and groups. This system is called RunAClub."

Chris Scally, Dorset County Council.

“RunAClub will help us manage our students and all our workshops, exams and events. It is exactly what we need.”

Dianne Janssen, Founder Bedazzle Performing Arts

Uk Dodgeball Association
"Our clubs are very important to us and their success is our success. We wanted to provide our clubs & club leaders with a sophisticated online tool so they can run their clubs more efficiently. I believe we have found the answer, RunAClub. RunAClub is a fantastic tool, we are looking forward to have better interactions with our clubs & club leaders and ultimately making our clubs sustainable."

Mo Islam, Chief Executive UK Dodgeball Association

Band Together
"When you’re a volunteer running a club, you often don’t have much time to spare and you want to pour your energy into the club and its members. It is really important to me to have a system that I can rely on to provide me with information simply and quickly and that aids me rather than distracts me from running my club. RunAClub has certainly provided that." 

Marc Balkham, Founder Band Together

Guernsey & Alderney Youth Commission
"We chose RunAClub because it offers a simple to use solution to demonstrate all the valuable work done by the Youth Commission with young people locally. RunAClub will, I know, become a major part of our continuing drive to raise standards, increase consistency and ultimately improve services & outcomes for young people."

Dave Le Feuvre, Chief Operating Officer Youth Commission

"UnLtd is the leading provider of support to enterprising social entrepreneurs in the UK. We were delighted that Sally Higham, CEO of RunAClub, won our prestigious Fast Growth Award as we are focused on individuals who have their ventures firmly rooted in delivering positive social change, and where there is potential to make a major impact rapidly. Sally and her team greatly impressed us throughout the award process. She rose to every challenge and proved that RunAClub is a simple online tool for communities to form clubs. This simple online tool is run by a sophisticated system that makes it easy to set up clubs, or groups, everywhere."

Albert Chong, Ventures Manager UnLtd

Birmingham Association of Youth Clubs

 “Working with RunAClub allows us to provide an affordable and youth community specific solution to all our members on the sameplatform we will be using ourselves. I am very excited about this opportunityand can see it as a significant step in helping Youth Clubs to keep ondelivering their services in these difficult times.” 

Don Smith, CEO BAYC

"RunAClub is a fantastic tool for anybody looking to set up a youth club or run one more efficiently, and it is a vital part of our strategy at BAYC for developing our interactions with our members and ultimately making our clubs sustainable."

Rafid Mahid, BAYC

Globe 360
“The RunAClub toolkit is of great value to us; on the riverbank at thestart of a session it is hectic and the process of recording our members, their attendance and who has paid has been streamlined by the easy to use RunAClub toolkit.”

John Townsend, Chairman Globe360

Big Issue Invest

"Big Issue Invest is the social investment arm of The Big Issue. When Sally applied for our Tech for Good programme, which invests in early stage social organisations who are using technology to support young people, we knew straight away Sally has come up with something ground-breaking that has the potential to create social impact in a systemic way. Sally and her team have been able to create a platform which is easy to use, cost effective and has the potential for clubs to collaborate and shares resources. It’s a fantastic idea, led by a fantastic CEO. We are really proud to be involved with RunAClub and look forward to working with them as they grow and continue to support young people.'

Nigel Kershaw OBE, Chief Executive of Big Issue Invest and Group Chairman of The Big Issue Company

Nominet Trust

"Simple solutions resulting from first-hand experience are usually the best. When I first spoke to Sally about her plans for RunAClub, I was struck by her deep understanding of what young people needed as well as her clear focus on how she and the team were going to deliver. It has been inspiring to see how the RunAClub toolkit has developed and hugely exciting that it is already helping hundreds of local clubs across the UK, with many more coming on stream every week. It has been a joy for Nominet Trust to work with such a committed, responsive and professional team at RunAClub."

Annika Small, CEO Nominet Trust

The Winchester Project
"RunAClub is perfect, it has made The Winch database so much easier to manage. We used an online product last year to record members details and it was a nightmare - so difficult to use! With RunAClub I can keep track of all our members and record who attends each session, it's all in a cloud so my records stay safe for future use. I have found it easy to use and the Steps have been really useful when planning activities and recruiting volunteers."

Reece Okezie, The Winch


"We have a youth club in one of our market towns that runs three evenings a week and is staffed by a team of 5 paid part time workers and two volunteers. Most staff work just one or two sessions per week so that keeping each other informed of what has happened and what needs to be picked up, actioned  and supported is a critical challenge. Enabling staff to access club recordings independently and remotely is a real solution. It helps maintain continuity of the club programme and give consistency to delivery of the work."

Richard Betterton, Youth Development Officer HVOSS

Thursday Footy Club
"Using RunAClub means our Thursday football runs smoothly. Recently our key organiser was injured and has been unable to play, but because RunAClub records all our members, it allows us to communicate with our members for their availability and record their subs ."

John Clark, Thursday Footy Club Organiser

Wix Youth Club
“Using RunAClub enables us to share our club information across all staff members. It is all in oneplace and reduces the time and energy previously spent on keeping everyoneinformed. It is user friendly and easy to navigate. We are able to build up our database of members on the RunAClub system and keep them up to date with all our exciting news and weekly events through the RunAClub toolkit."

Sue Hubble, The Wix Youth Club

Wiltshire Council
"This is a guide, not a set of rules. It will be brokering change: it fits with the commissioning models and will be a boon to Local Authorities drastically reducing services."

Kevin Sweeney, Head of Youth Service at Wiltshire Council


"NCVO is delighted to be in partnership with RunAClub; the innovative online toolkit provides support and choice for club leaders across the country who want to run their community group flexibly - on the club site, or from their kitchen or office. The growth of RunAClub, the understanding of what communities need, as well as the clear focus from Sally and the team has been phenomenal. It has been inspiring to see how RunAClub has developed and hugely exciting that it is already helping hundreds of local clubs across the UK."

Gillen Knight, Head of Enterprise and Membership 


Learning South West
"The RunAClub Steps which feature a library of guidelines are pitched at just the right level – enough detail to help people realise it’s a complex topic but not so crowded with content it risks making them confused."

John Stow, Regional Development Manager Learning South West

ByBrook Valley School
"I just watched  the RunAClub Story on YouTube and I thought it was great! I wish I had had this facility when I opened the after school club all those years ago: it would have made life much simpler, the hours I spent pulling together policies, procedures and processes! Good Luck to RunAClub"

Alison Salih, School Business Manager ByBrook Valley

London Borough of Barnet
"One of the key benefits we hope to gain through RunAClub is the ability to embed a quality practice framework amongst the organisations we work closely with."

Tom Burton, Sport Development Manager
Youth & Community Service
London Borough of Barnet


"By forging a good partnership arrangement with RunAClub we are able to provide our members with access to an easy-to-use and valuable online toolkit, saving them time and money."

Nichola BrownHead of Partnership and Engagement NCVYS

Westminster Sports
"Westminster City Council are at the forefront of innovation and felt that we needed to work with an organisation who understood both our needs and wants.
With RunAClub we have managed to streamline the management of community clubs in our local area as we believe that sustainability can only truly be achieved when those that we fund begin to take responsibility for themselves at a grass roots level.
RunAClub is simplistic in its brilliance and offers advice and guidance for those clubs who may need a helping hand.
Would we recommend RunAClub? Yes we would."

Cory Malcolm
Sports Development Officer
Westminster Sports Unit

Sutton Borough Fibro Myalgia & Chronic Pain Pop-In Club
"RunAClub will enable us to contact other groups and get a hub going"

Jacqui Barbet-Shields, Founder Sutton Borough Fibro Myalgia & Chronic Pain Pop-In Club

The Eskimo Club
"Thank you for your Skype session this morning, it was very useful & informative. I have to congratulate you & your team for providing a very intuitive & straightforward website, it appears very easy to use and has a vast amount of information & advice for people like myself starting a new club from scratch."

Ann Crago, The Eskimo Club

“Recording critical client data, having a meaningful quality assurance system and bespoke documentation conforming to current legislation is the number one priority for every club. If legislation changes, your online documents are automatically changed so you need never worry. Purchasing a RunAClub licence is simply a no-brainer. Every agency,organisation or sporting club should have it!”

Mark Fenty, Managing Director GHoPA



“We are very excited to be able to offer RunAClub as a solution to some of our clubs: it will enable us to support more of our members than we are able to at the moment and we know that they are in good hands and are receiving additional support from the RunAClub team, especially if they haven't got everything they need from a management and governance point of view - and also if they are at an early stage of their journey as a club."

Kathryn Berry, Head of SPORTED Network Services

South London CVS Partnership

“Perhaps the best thing about the RunAClub package is that it has been conceived by someone who really knows what is needed in order to make it easier to establish and successfully run small local groups and community organisations.”

David Jackson, South London CVS Partnership


Parkour UK
Parkour are rolling out new membership for 2015; RunAClub will be a part of this roll-out to ensure our Parkour UK clubs and members have an administration and support system to help them manage their clubs efficiently. RunAClub will enable Parkour to fully interact with our network of clubs and ensure that they are sustainable."

Eugene Minogue, Chief Executive Parkour UK

Voluntary Youth Manchester
"RunAClub offers a one-stop shop for our members to access some of the fundamental tools they need to support the delivery of quality services in Manchester (complemented of course by VYM). Of particular value is the data management facility, which has encouraged 25 organisations to register for RunAClub within a week.”

Ross Grant
Development Manger, Voluntary Youth Manchester 


"The RunAClub database is an amazing platform – so simple and creative - and the team are professional, supportive and accessible. I hope to utilise the RunAClub network to share news, ideas and suggestions, as well as advertising for volunteers and helpers."  

Ruth Northall, Grumpy Play Training Education Manager, Manchester

Lincolnshire Sport
"The RunAClub system is a great resource that we hope clubs in the county take advantage of to support them in running the administrative side of their club. For Lincolnshire Sport this will also help us to maintain a current and up to date picture of the participation numbers within funded programmes being delivered by clubs. We are excited to see how this will roll out and look forward to providing this service to clubs within Lincolnshire."

Navaz Sutton, Children & Young People Manager
Lincolnshire Sport

Aspire Youth
'It's so good to be able to evaluate and take the register at the same time, as well as keeping track of numbers - who's paid subs etc.  We love the copy your sessions element - can generate stuff months in advance and add in any specifics as needed.  It has been so helpful to have the library of documents with the specific ones set up for us, as well as being part of larger Guernsey and Alderney youth clubs - to be interlinked and be able to find other clubs.  

Plus, Customer Support at RunAClub is fantastic!  So quick to get back to me and on call whenever we need them.'

Cleo Thomas
Senior Youth Leader, Aspire Youth

Wiltshire County Council
"RunAClub has been really valuable for us.  It has supported over 50 fledgling local groups during those first critical years as they establish.  Volunteers and club organisers now have access to the tools they need to manage their group and access the advice and support they require, 24/7.  It frees them to focus on running club activities rather than admin and red tape.  For many clubs this can be the difference between thriving and folding.  RunAClub provides independent advice, support, templates and other useful services that makes it easy to organise a local group, bringing everything together in one place - a simple to use online club portal.   Organisers are now using use RunAClub to plan and deliver activity sessions, manage memberships and subscriptions, organise club documents, communicate and assess impact with this secure, reliable and simple-to-use digital platform.  RunAClub was designed by club organisers for club organisers, and that really does make the difference."

Steve Milton, Wiltshire County Council

Trowbridge Community Area Future

“This is a brilliant system to help youth provision gain knowledge and the paperwork needed in setting up youth activities in their local area ... Support staff are happy to help and guide you every step of the way ... Highly recommended”

Sarah Holland, Trowbridge Community Area Future

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