About RunAClub
What is RunAClub?

RunAClub is a cloud-based, easy to use, administration system for people who run community clubs and groups.

It has all the essential support you need to set up and manage your own community club or network of clubs – whether it's a sports, youth, health, faith, residents, toddler, music or arts club, for any age and any community.

Take a look at the benefits and watch our animated film or take a short video tour of the RunAClub system.

Who's it for?
RunAClub is for:

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What can I expect from RunAClub?
Our unique and affordable toolkit will help you cut through the red tape and make your club a real success. It has:

We aim to inspire thousands of new clubs in communities across the country, as well as offer support to any clubs or organisations already operating – giving as little or as much help as you need.

RunAClub is Quality Assured by Learning South West and is sold by us under club licences (single or multiple).

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Why would I want to buy RunAClub?

Are you a local authority, national organisation or a charity?
Do you need a simple, cost-effective solution to managing your community provision? Read more about the benefits or talk to us about your needs.

Are you a community–spirited individual?
Do you want to set up a club in your neighbourhood? Look at the benefits or buy now.

Do you already run a club, but need extra support and advice? Take a look at the benefits or buy now.

What makes this different to other products?

RunAClub offers a unique 'all-in-one' package that is ahead of its competitors.

It's a scalable, low cost, web-enabled tool with auditing and data capture capabilities. We cover all the obstacles so you don't have to – including safeguarding, Quality Assurance, practical, legal, financial and technical guidance.

If you're a local authority or national organisation, RunAClub will support your local statutory duty to manage and safeguard community-related provision, including services for young people.

If you are an individual club, RunAClub will help you every step of the way in setting up and running your local club – and remember, you'll get ongoing support as part of the toolkit.

Find out more about RunAClub's benefits or buy now.
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