Top Tips – GDPR

At RunAClub we never share your personal data. Using RunAClub is a great way to comply with GDPR – all your data is safely and securely stored in one place. No more notebooks, excel spreadsheets or data on different laptops. Your Club or group data is secure to access as and when you need – and you can control the data permission levels of your club’s staff and volunteers.

Some Top Tips:
– Ensure the data you hold on your Members is necessary
– Ensure your staff/volunteers have the correct permission levels on the platform
– Your Members can request to view any data you hold on them
– If your Members ask for their data to be deleted, please get in touch with us

We have recently released new fields to the Staff and Member’s pages giving you more control of your data preferences within your club and for your Members. We’ve also made some minor wording changes throughout the site as part of our GDPR roadmap.

RunAClub continues to keep up to date with changes to regulation. We plan to continually improve and apply ourselves to the expected updates and changes that GDPR will bring.

In other news – Release 4.4 – Staff and Member Tagging, is under testing and we will update you with a release date over the coming weeks – this brings unique and unlimited possibilities for tracking and reporting on your Staff, Volunteers and Members. e.g. Tagging volunteers with bookkeeping skills to tagging Members with streetdance skills – the possibilities are endless!

Top Tip: Ensure staff & volunteers are regularly made aware of data protection guidelines – staff meetings, training days, webinars and shared useful documentation etc.