Record your Sessions – Top Tips

This week is all about your sessions – you can now set up all your sessions on the RunAClub platform ┬áin advance. Click on the Calendar icon next to one of your sessions and chose to repeat this session once, weekly, monthly or more! This copies all the information from that original session saving you time. You can always make changes to an individual session as needed.

Your notification panel on the dashboard is where these updates go but I will always email out any new functionality as it goes live.

Thank you for your emails last week – some great suggestions, some demos arranged and some uploading complete!

As before – the Club Overview is a step by step guide to RunAClub and you can always reach us via email or on your Help Tab.

Enjoy the weekend!
Alex and the Customer Support Team

Top Tip: Rotas are critical for your club – having the right number and experience of helpers at your session or event is important. Taking responsibility is key – volunteers and staff should be responsible for their rota shifts and should find their own replacement if needed.

January Top Tips

January brings busy times for all, if you are behind on your member and sessions uploading or if you need any additional support from RunAClub just let me know so we can arrange to help – from data entry to a Skype training call we are here to make the running of your club easier! Email me or use your Help Tab anytime.

The Club Overview is a step by step guide to RunAClub and with more updates and functionality coming soon we will be adding short videos to help you work your way through – ensuring you get the most out of RunAClub.

So January is the organisation month! Make sure your club, Member Groups and Sessions are up to date, so you can focus on enjoying your club activities!

Happy 2018
Alex and the Customer Support Team

Top Tip: Always have a backup plan… If only one person has the keys to your club venue and they don’t turn up you will have a lot of disappointed club members.