The team at RunAClub are at our happiest when we receive fantastically positive comments from customers who use the system – ‘fabulous resource’ was a comment we had yesterday. We are at our next happiest when we hit our impact number targets. We have just reached 15,000 group/activity sessions that we have supported and our members of groups and clubs across the country (3/4 of which are young people but 1/4 are across the other age ranges) has reached 20,000.

Someone said to me the other day that what we do isn’t ‘sexy’. So, sorry we aren’t ‘sexy’ but what we are is incredibly focused on supporting the bog standard and dull as ditchwater admin that every activity, group or club of any kind across the country has to complete. And as we welcome aboard Dorset County Council as our latest customer with 200 more groups, we think that we are pretty bloomin’ sexy!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder….:)